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Course Description

CHEN 201 Introduction to Chemical Engineering

Broad definitions of Chemical Engineering, introduction to chemical engineering calculations, material balances in processes with and without chemical reactions, recycle by-pass and purge calculations, critical properties and compressibility charts, vapor-liquid equilibrium, partial saturation and humidity, computer applications.              

Pre-requisites   CHEM 281

CHEN 202 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics

Introduction to thermodynamics concepts, first law of thermodynamics, Mass and energy balances in closed and open systems, volumetric properties of pure fluids, heat effects, humidity charts, second law of thermodynamics, entropy, Computer applications to thermodynamics problems, power cycles        

Pre-requisites   CHEM 240

CHEN 210 Materials Science and Engineering

Classification of engineering materials. Atomic and molecular bonding. Properties and microstructure. Elastic and plastic behavior. Order in solids, phases and solid- solutions, crystal geometry, disorder in solids, atomic movement and rearrangement, phase diagrams, solid-state transformations. Applications of metals, ceramics, polymers and composites .Service stability, corrosion and failure. Involves laboratory experiments and practices  

Pre-requisites   CHEM 110

CHEN 211 Polymer Science and Engineering

Classification of polymeric materials, calculation of molar mass and molar mass distribution, polymerization reactions, kinetics of polymerization reactions, composites materials, polymer processing, mechanical and physical properties, commercial polymer, laboratory experiments

Pre-requisites   CHEM 231

CHEN 231 Fluid and Particle Mechanics                

Fluid static, mass balance, momentum balance, energy balance on finite and differential systems, laminar and turbulent flow in pipes, fluid flow in porous media, boundary layer theory, fluid flow, flow behavior, flow applications

Pre-requisites   CHEN 201, MATH 204

CHEN 301 Thermodynamics of Materials             

Helmholtz free energy and Gibbs free energy, energy-property relationships, Thermal equilibria, Ellingham diagrams, 1st and 2nd order transformations, equilibrium constant, Fugacity and Chemical activity, Equilibrium constant and its variation with temperature, Vant Hoff equation, Gibbs-Duhem relationship, Thermodynamics of solutions, Typical Equilibrium Phase Diagrams.

Pre-requisites   CHEN 210 

CHEN 311 Electrochemistry and Corrosion Engineering

Electrochemical mechanisms, corrosion kinetics, polarization and corrosion rates, passivity. Methods of testing corrosion of iron and steel and the effects of various parameters. Pourbaix diagrams. Effect of stresses on corrosion, (stress corrosion cracking, cold working, hydrogen cracking, etc.). Corrosion control technologies, corrosion of some engineering alloys. Design of simple processes.

Pre-requisites   CHEM 240

CHEN 321 Chemical Reaction Engineering

The course is intended to develop the student’ s ability to understand mole balances, conversion and reactor sizing, rate laws and stoichiometry for single and multiple reactions and its applications to steady-state no isothermal reactor design. Collection and analysis of rate data and catalysis and catalytic reactor

Pre-requisites   CHEN 201, MATH 204

CHEN 331 Mass Transfer              

Fundamentals of mass transfer processes. The control volume approach to the mass transfer processes, differential equations of mass transfer. Steady and unsteady –state molecular diffusion. Natural and forced convection mass transfer. Mass transfer theories. Convective mass transfer correlations. Analysis of chemical engineering operations involving mass transfer. Simultaneous heat and mass transfer; mass transfer accompanied by chemical reaction.

Pre-requisites  CHEN 231

CHEN 332 Heat Transfer   

Modes of heat transfer, steady and un-steady-state conduction in different co-ordinates, convective heat transfer with and without phase change, correlations for forced and natural convection, analogy between momentum and heat transfer, heat transfer applications.          

Pre-requisites  CHEN 201

CHEN 333 Separation Processes               

Phase equilibrium, continuous contact and stage wise processes; fractional distillation, gas absorption and liquid-liquid extraction processes, involves laboratory experiments and practices

Pre-requisites   CHEN 201

CHEN 341 Process Dynamic and Control I

Mathematical modeling of process control, transfer functions, dynamic behavior of chemical processes, feedback control, dynamic behavior of closed-loop systems, stability analysis, frequency response analysis, controller design and tuning, introduction to computer control, laboratory and simulations applications

Pre-requisites   CHEN 321

CHEN 342 Numerical Methods in Chemical Engineering                               

This course deals with Linear, non-linear equations, systems of equations. Jacobi, Gauss-Seidel, SOR. LU decomposition, Newton-Raphson, bisection and Wegstein’s method - convergence acceleration; zeros of , polynomials; interpolating polynomial; finite difference methods; numerical differentiation, Newton-Coates and Gaussian quadrature. Solution of ODE’s; the shooting method; numerical solution of reaction network equations; solution of transient heat and mass transfer models.

Pre-requisites   MATH 204

CHEN 390 Summer Training Course        

10 weeks of training in industry under the supervision of a faculty member. Students have to submit a report about their achievements during training in addition to any other requirements assigned by the department

Pre-requisites   Pass 110 C.U

CHEN 411 Materials Selection  

Selection criteria for metals, alloys, ceramics and plastics, mechanical behavior, corrosion and oxidation resistance at ambient and elevated temperatures, materials for marine environments, oil production and transport, refineries, petrochemical and desalination industries, refractory materials. Computer applications, and economic considerations, laboratory experiments

Pre-requisites   CHEN 210

CHEN 412 Composite Materials               

Role of interfaces, processes and production of polymer matrix composites, metal matrix composites, ceramic matrix composites, design aspects of composites bases structures, application and properties of composite materials, production of glass fiber and carbon fiber composites, Titanium bases composite materials.

Pre-requisites   CHEN 210

CHEN 413 Materials Structure and Failure Analysis         

Structural characterization, quantitative  and qualitative analysis, thermal analysis, differential calorimetry, molecular spectroscopy, engineering aspects of failure and failure analysis, failure modes, characterization of fractured surface, chemical analysis, failure prevention and histories, mechanical and metallurgical causes of failures, creep failures, corrosion induced failure, pitting as stress concentration.

Pre-requisites     CHEN 210

CHEN 414 Materials and Nanomaterials Characterization

Nano fabricated computed devices, bio molecular devices and molecular electronics, integrated micro systems and MEMS, molecular manufacturing and nano robots, material engineering processes applied to electro-active polymers, micro- nano scale instrumentation measuring

Pre-requisites     CHEN 211

CHEN 415 Biomaterials

Classification of biomaterials, classes of materials used in medicine, biomaterials surfaces, practical aspects of biomaterials, surface characterization of biomaterials, applications of materials used in medicine.

Pre-requisites   CHEN 210, CHEN 211

CHEN 416 Extractive Metallurgy (Elective Course)

Major operations in the iron and steel-making industry; direct reduction processes, blast furnaces, converter and electric-arc steel-making and steel refining methods; electro slag (ESR) and vacuum induction refining (VIR). Bauxite production. Electro-thermal reduction of cryolite to produce commercial aluminum. Production of TiO2. Extractive metallurgy of titanium. Gold extraction. Continuous casting.

Pre-requisites   CHEN 210

CHEN 421 Fundamentals of Biofuel        

Biofuel introduction, chemistry of biofuels, bioenery production technologies, first and second generation technologies for biofuel production, sources of fuel and fuel properties, environmental impacts,  biorefinery, biofuel process design, recent developments in biotechnology.

Pre-requisites   CHEN 321

CHEN 431 Unit Operations Lab      

Introduction, Laboratory Safety Rules, Familiarization with Experiments, Studies in Fluid Flow, The Study of Heat Exchanges,  Experimental study of mass transfer, Modern separations techniques, and reaction engineering,  Emphasis is on open-ended laboratory projects with electronic instrumentation; Experimental design with analytical, numerical, and statistical analysis of data.

Pre-requisites   CHEN 333

CHEN 432 Energy Conservation                

World and local energy situation, energy policies and strategies, the environment and the economy, renewable sources and social energy requirements, conservation, substitution and technology options, integrated energy management systems, energy conservation technologies.

Pre-requisites   CHEN 332

CHEN 441 Process Dynamic and Control II

Review of feedback control, cascade control, Ratio, override, selective, feed-forward, and multivariable process control, Dynamic simulation of control systems using SIMULINK and other commercial software packages, Instrumentation, design case studies, tuning case studies

Pre-requisites   CHEN 341

CHEN 442 Modeling and Simulation                      

This course is designed to give a chemical engineering student the ability to solve system of algebraic- differential equations. The course will develop student ability’s to drive system models and simulate digitally, simulation computer packages, aspen, Hysys, chem.-cad

Pre-requisites   CHEN 333

CHEN 451 Plant Design 

Chemical and petrochemical processes plant design, locations and layout of chemical process plant, operability, controllability reliability and safety requirement of the design, cost estimation, utilization of simulation and design packages

Pre-requisites   CHEN 321, CHEN 333

CHEN 452 Water and Wastewater Treatment                    

Wastewater introduction, Wastewater characteristics, Technologies in wastewater treatment, wastewater constituents, wastewater sampling and analytical procedures, physical characteristics of water, metallic and non metallic constituents, analysis and selection of wastewater flow rates, Physical unit operations, chemical unit processes, biological treatment, advanced wastewater treatment, water reuse

Pre-requisites   CHEN 333

CHEN 454 Water Desalination  

Resources for water, composition of sea water, introduction to desalination, desalination processes, single effect evaporation, evaporators, single effect thermal vapor compression, single effect mechanical vapor compression, multiple effect evaporation

Pre-requisites   CHEN 332

CHEN 455 Design of Alternative Energy Systems

Introduction and overview of the energy system, modeling skills in energy systems, design of energy systems, issues associated with alternative energy

Pre-requisites       202CHEN

CHEN 461 Petroleum Refinery Engineering                        

Oil production. Surface operations. Characterization and classification of crude oils. Physical properties of oils. Refinery operations; atmospheric and vacuum distillation, treatment processes, catalytic cracking, reforming, alkylation, coking, asphalt production and lubricating oil production. Blending of refinery products. Waste treatment.

Pre-requisites   CHEN 321 & CHEN 333  

CHEN 462 Natural Gas Engineering

Characterization and properties of natural gas. Gas gathering systems. Gas-oil multistage separation. Gas treatment and liquefaction. Gas transportation through pipelines, signal-telemetering Industrial usages.            

Pre-requisites   CHEN 321 & CHEN 333

CHEN 463 Petrochemical Technology    

Production technologies of synthesis gas, olefins and aromatic. Manufacture of important petrochemicals derived from base chemicals and synthesis gas. Production technologies of important polymers and plastics.

Pre-requisites   CHEN 333

CHEN 466 Safety in Chemical Process Industries

Safety and loss prevention. Major process hazards. Hazard identification, assessment and prevention. Personal safety in industrial environment. Fire explosion and toxic release. Safety systems.

Pre-requisites   CHEN 333

CHEN 471 Chemical  Engineering  Design for Environment

Meteorology, lapse rate, introduction of plume, air pollution dispersion models, devices and techniques for control of particulates, Wastewater treatment techniques, membrane separation, biological treatment, chemical treatment, design for wastewater treatment plant

Pre-requisites   CHEN 201

CHEN 472 Industrial Pollution Control

Sources of pollution from chemical industries. Standards and legislations. Health and environmental effects of pollution. Air pollutants; particulate, SOx, NOx and organic vapors. Air pollution control. Treatment of industrial wastewater. Handling of solid waste. Monitoring of pollutants. Case studies for specific industries like petrochemicals, fertilizers, desalination and petroleum refining

Pre-requisites   CHEN 442

CHEN 481 Biochemical Engineering        

Introduction to biofuel, sources of biofuel, biofuel properties, manufacturing processes for biofuel, biodiesel, bioethanol, biogas

Pre-requisites   CHEN 321

CHEN 499 Senior Project             

Selection of topic, literature review, project design planning, arranging for data collection and experimental work, interim report, experimental work and data collection or field study (if any), data processing analysis and results, preparation of a first draft of the final report, presentation of the project

Pre-requisites   CHEN 333

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