Faculty of Engineering Rabigh Branch - Chemical Engineering Department

Word of the Chairman


I am delighted to welcome you to the home page for the department of Chemical and Materials Engineering at Faculty of Engineering, King Abdul Aziz University, Rabigh. I am extremely proud of our staff and students who represents the next generation of critical scholars, pioneers, engineers, and are able to have a direct impact on the well being of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The mission of the department is to create and employ new knowledge in Chemical Engineering and Materials Science to develop the academic, industrial entrepreneurial leaders of tomorrow, together with industrial processes and scientific advances they will employ.  Our curricula is characterized and designed to encourage the growth of our undergrad students to fulfill the current national needs and exploring novel ideas to provide durable solutions to worldwide problems and advance discovery.

The department strives for excellence in research, high quality education and out-standing professional services. The department is a major academic host offering currently B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering. Our academic programme is meticulously designed to equip students with fundamental understanding on the subjects of Chemical Engineering. We keep good balance between theoretical and laboratory based practical courses. Apart from this, the department is also engaged in various R&D such as renewable energy, nanotechnology and environmental sustainability.


  Dr Mohammed Zawawi.

 Head of Chemical and Materials Engineering Dep.,


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