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The BSCHE Program Educational Objectives (PEOs) provide the link between the program and the mission of the institution as well as between the program and the needs of stakeholders. The BSCHE educational processes are planned and organized to ensure that the PEOs can be achieved. These educational processes include the means to develop, deliver, evaluate, and improve the quality of BSCHE graduates several years after graduation and hence meet program objectives. The PEOs were initially formulated by the Departmental Council with input from the program constituencies namely; faculty, alumni, employers, and the industrial advisory committee. Taking into consideration all the feedback from the program constituencies, the refined objectives were discussed in several departmental council meetings. The BSCHE Program has defined a set of objectives that translate the mission of the program into measurable and defined tasks.


PEOs of Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering (BSCHE) program are listed below Within a few years of graduation, our graduates are expected to: 

  1.  Apply their skills to deal with the technological challenges in the field of Chemical Engineering.
  2. Pursue advanced studies, learn independently, grow intellectually, solve multidisciplinary engineering problems innovatively and start their own businesses. 

  3. Meet the needs of the regional industries, participate in community activities, understand the role of safety and the impact of their actions on the society and the environment. 


Consistency of the Program Educational Objectives (PEOs) with KAU Mission Statement

Program Educational Objectives (PEO)

Mission of KAU

Knowledge Development


Innovation and Entrepreneurship


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