Faculty of Engineering Rabigh Branch - Chemical Engineering Department

Material Advantage chapter team participate in engineering day

Engineering Day takes place over half a day and welcomes students at preparatory school level as well as those yet to decide on their major, and all parties with an interest in engineering at the Faculty of Engineering, King Abdul Aziz University. A presentation was given by the Material Advantage Chapter team regarding how beneficial material engineering science can be and the prestige associated with being a member of the Materials Advantage Chapter. This presentation showcased the achievements of the Materials Advantage Chapter for the academic year 2018-2019. After the presentation an exhibition was held in the workshop hall. The exhibition was held in collaboration with the Mechanical Engineering Department as an element of the engineering day activities; a stand was established to help encourage new members to sign up and substantial success was achieved. Preparatory students and those from the engineering department were all interested in joining the chapter. New students were welcomed by the Chapter team and they were given a briefing regarding the Material Advantage Chapter as well as a tour of the laboratories of the Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering. As many of those attending were not members of the Chapter, the talk was followed by an informal discussion regarding the advantages of joining the Material Advantage chapter as a student in terms of networking. The Chapter also hosted a social event, which a great many of the students attended and enjoyed.


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Last Update 4/4/2019 10:39:55 AM