Faculty of Engineering Rabigh Branch - Chemical Engineering Department


Students from the Minaret School, Petro-Rabigh Community visited the Department of Chemical Materials Engineering

We are dedicated to empowering our community through the presentation of the very best educational materials, as well as making the general public more aware of Materials Science and Engineering. Amongst our most important aims are helping our members to develop professionally, to increase the networking opportunities for members, and undertaking outreach programs. We are dedicated to making the KAU community more aware of materials science, and outside the University we run extensive outreach programs for the nearby K-12 schools. We have also arranged visits to the Department of Chemical Materials Engineering for students from the Minaret School, Petro-Rabigh Community.

Students from the Minaret School paid us a visit on September 19, 2018. We welcomed 20 students from K-12 who were interested in joining KAU when their secondary education was complete. Dr. Mohamed Zwawi,  chairman of the Department, welcomed students and faculty members to the conference room and offered them a concise introduction to the Department what it does. Mohamed Wasfi Labban, vice president of KAU-Material Advantage (MA) Chapter, spoke to students about his time in high school and how he came to choose to study at the Department. The students were then given a tour of the Department and laboratories, helped by Mr. Nami Thermi, president of the Material Advantage chapter, along with fellow members. The faculty members of the Department welcomed the students and show them around their laboratories and gave them an insight into the world of high-level research in Materials and Chemical Engineering.


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